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We welcome you to Barrington Golf Club! Please follow these policies when visiting our club...

Golf Attire

Proper attire and footwear are required on the golf course and at the practice facility.

All Golfers:

•   Shorts must be no more than 4” above the knee.

•   Hats must be worn forward at all times.

•   Only soft spikes are allowed on golf shoes.

•   Jeans, jean shorts, tank tops, tee shirts, jogging, cycling, and tennis attire, short shorts, cargos or cargo like pants or shorts (see below), and short skirts are prohibited on the golf course. Sandals, pumps, and high heels are inappropriate footwear for the golf facility.

Allow us to address Cargo shorts or pants for men or women.  The shorts or pants illustrated do not meet our guidelines for acceptable attire. Cargo shorts consist of a garment with more than four pockets; and or pockets that are stitched to the outside of the fabric. The placement of pockets can vary but are most often seen on the lower part or side part of the short. Cargo shorts are distinctive because the pockets are accompanied by an overlying flap.

Male Golfers:

•   Men must have a collared shirt or mock turtleneck.

•   Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

Female Golfers:

•   Collared shirts can be sleeveless.

•   Collar-less shirts must have sleeves.

Every golfer is expected to follow the guidelines noted above. Please make sure if you have a Guest coming to Barrington that you inform them of the dress code prior to their arrival and that you review the golf cart guidelines before beginning play.

If you do not comply with the dress code policy then you will be asked to meet the dress code requirement before you begin your round of golf.

Golf Carts:

The Superintendent and the Golf Staff will determine the use of the carts on the golf course. When the carts are permitted in the fairway, please keep them in the fairway and do not drive them in the rough to look for your ball.  You should exit the fairway at the blue cart sign and go directly to the cart path.  The carts must remain on the paths on all par 3s.  The use of a golf cart or caddie is mandatory.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Racquet Club Attire

Tennis Attire:

Proper tennis attire is required for all Members, adults and children alike.  The tennis facility requires tennis shoes, socks, tennis shorts or skirt/dress and an athletic shirt.

Pool Attire:

All swimmers must wear bona fide swimming attire.  Tee shirts are acceptable for sun protection.  Swimmers must wear tee shirts (or other cover-ups) and shoes wile in the Racquet Clubhouse.

Fitness Attire: 

Dress appropriately in exercise clothing and clean, dry athletic shoes.  Shirts must be worn at all times. 

Clubhouse Attire


Proper attire is required in all areas of the Main Clubhouse premises.  Members are responsible for their attire, as well as that of their guests.  Appropriate attire includes a sport jacket or traditional golf attire.  In all areas of the clubhouse, including the veranda and golf course, sweatpants, short shorts, miniskirts, cut-offs, cargo shorts, tank tops, and tee shirts are not permitted.  Appropriate denim blue jeans are acceptable in the Nicklaus Grille but are not permitted on the main floor inside the Clubhouse, once the Nicklaus Grille is open.  Appropriate jeans are acceptable on the veranda.  Note that the dress code for a special event will be dictated by the event itself.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!